Our Range

Dropper Bottles

Use – Allergies, Arthritis and Gout, Chest Cleanser, Colds and Flu, Heartburn and Indigestion, Herpes and Shingles, High Blood Pressure, Immune Balancer, Immune Booster, Organic Antibiotic, Infections, Pain Relief, Sinus, Tumours and Cysts, Stress and Trauma, Weight Gain, weight loss, Tonsils, Womb Care.

Capsules & Powders

Use – Womb Care, Drop and STDs, Blood Cleanser, power powder, Baobab Powder/Capsules ,ginger capsules ,moringa capsules ,cayenne capsules ,piles capsules ,turmeric & pepper capsules.


Use – Hot Pot, Long Play, Piles Ointment, Thrush Ointment, Pain Ointment.